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InterGenerational Garden Connection - coming to Youth Airdrie Spring 2024!

Partnering with local Seniors Lodges to create a program where lodge residents and their families build community connections with older children, teens, and Youth Airdrie volunteers. Contact us in the form below if you are interested in participating in this exciting new program! Whether you are a community of older adults, a family with children and teens, or anyone that would like to volunteer, we welcome you!

Group Activities

Older adults and their families are welcome to participate in garden activities at Youth Airdrie's Children Garden, and our volunteers will participate in growing garden spaces at the Seniors Lodges to create in mutually growing community spaces and building connections!

1-on-1 Connections

Younger participants and older adults have the option to buddy up with each other for a season and share in activities or just connect. Buddies are eligible to participate in a project where older adults share their stories with their buddy, who is assisted in publishing a memory book!

Sharing Skills

Participants are welcome to organize their own activities. Older adults  have just as much to learn from younger participants as they have to teach them! Participants of all ages build confidence and capacity by organizing activities for groups large and small!